Fur tippets

Fur collars (or as they call them here, "tippets"- is that Japanese English??) are really popular this winter. I think this isn't a new trend, but I have certainly noticed more and more girls donning them on the streets and the train.

They looked sooo cute in these that I just had to try one out myself. After a fun afternoon in Harajuku, I had one offered to me at a discount in a used store and I decided to try it out!

Personally I like it! Nice points are that it's very warm, easy to coordinate with, and not real fur (mine isn't, at least)! However, some negative points are that you can't wear it with anything that has a hood and it looks strange with shirts or sweaters that have a low collar.

Here is how I ended up coordinating it. Admittedly, it was a very comfy, lazy outfit. I think it might needs some little je ne sais quoi before it's street-ready. Maybe the tights and undershirt need to be a lighter color? Hmmm... Thoughts?


  1. Lovely coordinate but the leggings and undershirt look bad in my opinion. I wood wear some light socks or tights. I love tippets and I am sure its in English, I was confused about it too. I hope I was helpful. By the way you are lucky to live in Japan. :)

  2. I have a tippet (? XD) too, it's faux fawn fur *W* I bought it discounted at H&M! But as you say it's not so easy to coordinate.
    I love your coordinate like this too! What about mint or wine instad or black?