Mori girl 30 day meme - Day 1

Day 1 – 10 things about your mori bubble.

(I'd like to start by asking what a bubble is?? ('~`;) )

1. I first learned about mori girl style through the LJ fruits community. There was a girl on there who always posted these really lovely, natural outfits and one day I followed her cross-post and found the LJ mori girl community. Shortly following that I went to Japan (end of 2009/ beginning of 2010) and saw lots of mentions to mori girls and magazines/mooks in the bookstores. I felt it was all rather serendipitous, and started to pay attention to the style much more towards the end of my stay and onward.

2. I don't know any other mori girls in real life. I have a few friends in the states who occassionally put together mori inspired coordinates, but I don't think any of them identify as a mori girl.

3. I'm a thrifter at heart. I love finding that perfect piece out of many, and the uniqueness of thrifted clothes. Even though I'm in Tokyo and could buy the brands I like directly, I still prefer to hunt second-hand shops like KINJI for what I'm looking for than to buy full price.

4. Some of my favorite mori girl motifs are: birds and rabbits, lace, polka dots, acorns, and cameras.

5. I first started my tumblr, littleforestgirls, because I was tired of dolly-kei popping up so often in other mori girl tumblrs. ( ^^;;) I understand that dolly-kei is a great inspiration for many mori girls, but it wasn't particularly interesting for me. So I decided to start my own and keep it more along an exclusively mori girl line. Not that I haven't deviated from that from time to time, of course... But I've been really happy to see it's success.♥

6. My favorite thing about nature is the wind. I also like the forest after rainstorms and the sound of the ocean.

7. I own a few "brand" mori pieces, but I think the items I wear the most aren't from any particular brand.

8. I love the look of really short cut blunt bangs and long, long hair like [this], [this] or [this].  ...But not on myself (>3<;;)

9. Mori girl was what first introduced me to the moomin series, and now I'm hooked! I think it also reinspired my love of Winnie the Pooh and The Little Prince, as well as other fairy tale stories.

10. I would love to live in one of those hobbit-like underground houses, with big, bright windows and a cute, rustic decor. I think to live like that would be so charming. ♥


  1. I love your blog

  2. I love your blog!
    your outfits are really pretty.
    then good continuation :)

    Perle Anae (fantastiquenature.blogspot.fr)