I've been super happy with my outfits these past few days off, so I wanted to share them! :')

The majority of these clothes were gifted or thrifted. My personal favorite is the one in the middle. The vest is SM2, but I found it at KINJI for only ¥1260!! I also found a Cuccia dress there the same day I bought this. I love KINJI so much hahaha ('ω‘-)

I also bought a couple of Uniqlo's heat-tech shirts in lighter colors recently (striped white and tan, and grey-brown with polka dots)! They were just what I needed to pull my more natural outfits together! Before my undershirts had been too dark for natural coordinates (with a few exceptions). (^^ ;;)

If anyone gets cold easily or is looking for light-weight but warm shirts to layer with and have a Uniqlo in their area, I highly recommend them!

Also wanted to share a recent favorite song! "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie.
It's a gooooorgeous song, and the music video is very creative too!

It might just be me, but I also get a bit of a mori girl vibe from the lyrics!
Please check it out~



  1. I love the middle outfit the best too, probably because I've developed a love of taupe'ish shades this year. :) And are those culottes you're wearing, rather than a skirt? Culottes are superb for winter, I've found - essentially they look like a skirt, but are much warmer. :D

  2. Those are indeed culottes (though I will admit- I didn't know that they were called that :D;; )! They're soooooo comfy, and yes definitely warm! They also make all the bicycling I do here much easier. ^^

  3. My favourite is the outfit in the middle too, is really cute!!!
    I like the video of that song ^^