Spring Coordinates

Spring is here! I love spring~ It's so wonderful and warm....well, in almost every other place in the northern hemisphere. Here it's muddy! But I can still dream of spring flowers (❀‿❀)

 I think spring coordinates offer a special kind of challenge. Since the weather is becoming warmer there isn't as much need for outer layers. However, it is still cool enough to layer with the outfit itself. I think spring is also a nice time to use motifs and colors in a similar pallet to the season- pinks, sky blue, greens, flowers, small animals, etc. (。◕‿◕。) I don't have a lot of these colors myself, but here are some outfits with a spring atmosphere that inspire me!

(Image credits to 森ガール Lesson 2, 森ガール Papier 3, & 森ガールNOTE)

Recently I've been trying out some new things with my waredrobe! I want to capture an atmosphere that is relaxed and girly. I think I also like to dress in "boyish" styles, but I love wearing skits too much.♪ Here are two outfits I put together, using this shirt from the brand blue bird:

The first one is a mori girl coordinate that was inspired by a (very similar) one I saw on Cath's blog, Cats In Straw Hats. She is one of my inspirations, her coordinates are always so cute!!! (〃^∇^)ノ ♥ The second was one I tried after browsing through volume 13 of ナチュリラ (Natural Relax). The style in that magazine is very casual, but I think it is similar to mori girl in many ways. Like a less layered cousin!

That's all for now. I hope to start taking more outfit photos soon...it's so much fun!
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  1. Once again you posted a lot of lovely and inspiring outfits, thank you *W*
    I like Cath's blog too, too bad she isn't posting anything from a lot of time :(
    The tee and your outfits are cute! I like both outfits, but maybe I prefer the second.