Hello again ☆

OK OK OK! Time to start posting in this lovely again. It's been far to long. :)

Hello again. You may not remember me, or perhaps this is our first time to meet. I'm Bee.
I run the littleforestgirls tumblr, and I'm a big fan of mori girl fashion!

Other things I enjoy?:

all types of music, travel, laughing, reading (recently I've been particulary interested in "classic" English literature), writing (esp. poems), foreign cultures and sociology, smiling, sewing & crafts, being an ENFP, street fashion, love, living life, making memories etc. etc.

In May I graduated from college, and 3 months ago I made the jump and moved to Tokyo, Japan!

It's so lovely to be in the country that has fascinated me for so long! I'm working as an English teacher in a conversation school, and living with my boyfriend of about 3 years. ♥

It's my hope to use this blog not only to chronicalize living here, but also to muse more about fashion and other interests I have. :')

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thanks! :3 I see you're gearing up your blog?

  2. Yeah. >_< But don't look at it though! I'm still working on the layout and what not.

  3. Wow so cool! You went to live in Japan! And you really seem an interesting person.
    I love the apple pattern on your jumper anyway ^^