Outfit snap

At the job where I'm currently working, I'm required to wear a suit. (;O;)
While this isn't the first job I've worked that requires a dress code, there is something a little more stifling about a black suit and button-up shirt than anything I've had to wear in the past.

As such, the opportunities I actually have to wear my own clothes are very exciting for me! Admittedly though, some days I just sit around in my pajamas. ( ̄ー ̄)

Since coming to Japan, I've been experimenting with my personal style. Recently it's been a little more main-stream with mori influences. As much as I love mori girl, I have trouble coordinating it on myself. (- - ;)

(sorry about the blurry picture on the right... that was my favorite of the three too!!)

I really would like to put together some more obviously mori outfits. The one on the left in the most mori influenced of the three, but even then it's not very... (´・ω・`)I'll continue to do my best though! haha...

My next day off is on Sunday~ I wonder what I'll wear?



  1. Cute and cosy outfits! I especially like the middle one- the apple sweater is lovely.
    All the best for your job!

  2. Thank you so much! :') Yea, I've been dressing as cozily as I can recently- it's been cold!

  3. Oh, no, a suit é_è I really hope I won't have to wear one when I'll finally have a job. But tho have a job would be good anyway ^^'
    My favourite outfit is the one on the left!!! I don't strictly wear mori too, I think my style is a kind of toned down mori with various influences, wearing mori in the everyday life is too difficult and kinda unconfortable!